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Battery Life is a 100% owned and operated New Zealand Company


Battery Life are Battery experts with over 25 years experience offering an extensive and trusted range of Deep Cycle, Marine and Forklift batteries.

Because our mobile technology allows us to come to you Battery Life services are designed to suit all industries using Forklift batteries, Golf Carts, Scrubbers, Marine, Elevated Work Platforms and the transport industry. for Battery Life, no battery bank is too large or too small.

Our experienced mobile technicians will come to you and assess your battery fleet onsite.  With little or no inconvenience or interruption to your daily work routine, we are able to fully assess and make the necessary recommendations that will save your business time and money.   We are able to complete all remedial works on-site and get your battery fleet back to optimum performance levels swiftly and cost efficiently. Just like you, we pride ourselves on our abilities and products.

At Battery Life we offer a full range of customer services including battery diagnostics, reporting, equalisation, regeneration, replacement and rebuilding, We also offer an extensive range of quality products including most leading brands of batteries and accessories, especially forklift batteries, and full on-site maintenance contracts tailored to suit your budget. 


We won't sell you a battery unless you really need it!

Battery Maintenance, battery regeneration and battery servicing throughout NZ by Batterylife
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